IDENTITY GUARD® Review: Credit Report Monitoring

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$1 Million ID Theft Insurance


IDENTITY GUARD® Total Protection is a top option for those searching for identity theft protection. If you are in need of a service that can protect your credit coincided with coverage for computer, Internet and mobile devices, their service would benefit you. Identity Guard is equipped with free Internet security suite, providing you with a valuable option for astounding coverage on multiple fronts.

Security Features

No matter where you are going, Identity Guard Total Protection can go with you. It will cover your credit, Internet, computer and also supply you with on the go protection.


Currently, there is no service for fraud alerts on the account, but users receive daily online monitoring which assists in detecting online predators. Daily surveillance is completed for the known black markets on the Internet where your SSN, credit cards or bank account numbers could be utilized, sold or traded. Monitoring is also completed within the public databases that home your information.

With Identity Guard, users are offered stolen wallet theft recovery assistance. If your wallet is ever lost or stolen, this service is a stand out option for many. All you will need to do is contact Identity Guard with one of your qualified accounts, and they will assist in canceling your credit card accounts and supply you with $2,000 of emergency cash.

Key Features of Identity Guard Total Protection

The following are the top beneficial features of Identity Guard Total Protection:

  • Unlimited access to three credit scores with credit monitoring
  • Analysis of vulnerability to identity theft utilizing Personal ID Risk Assessment
  • ZoneAlarm: anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software program download to secure computer and Internet use
  • ID Vault: personal password protector from identity theft and fraud schemes
  • Mobile LockBox: protection for personal and financial records on Web enabled PDA, PC & wireless devices
  • Privacy Protect: encrypts online connection preventing keylogging software
  • Patented Web crawling technology preventing information being taken in unsecure online locations
  • Quarterly updates on three credit scores
  • Lost Wallet Protection with $2,000 emergency cash
  • Access to Identity Theft Assistance Center (ITAC)
  • Unlimited toll free personal customer service
  • Up to $1 million loss reimbursement for losses if identity theft occurs


Identity Theft Total Protection is offered at a very reasonable price. For monthly services you can be looking at a cost of $17.99, and for yearly service costs you are looking at a cost of $179.95. The yearly service saves you 15% when compared to monthly service costs.

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Now you can get identity protection at an exceptional value. Identity Guard Total Protection is one of the top identity theft protection products available. Their patented technology has been designed to monitor and protect your computers, credit, online use and mobile devices. This gives you award winning protection at an award winning price. Get 24/7 online access to your very own unique identity dashboard, and start protecting yourself for the chance of having your identity stolen.

Identity Guard Total Protection is a fabulous option for those wanting to be secure without having to spend a fortune. Protect yourself and your future with Identity Guard Total Protection now!

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