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Finding affordable credit report monitoring is no longer a thing of the past. The vast variety of options has expanded excessively the past few years, including the expansion of TrustedID and what it has to offer its users. Instead of paying high prices to follow credit scores, finding a budget friendly system is key. This is one thing that TrustedID has brought to the table, and is ready to provide all its users, including individuals and families.


People searching for not only credit report monitoring, but also identity theft protection are turning towards TrustedID because it provides exactly this. There are two plans available so that users can get exactly what they need, at a price they can afford.


Coinciding the two plans, users will be provided with access to credit reports from all three credit bureaus. Families needing the ability to monitor their credit reports will have the ability to make beneficial use of TrustedID with the family plan option. This option is beneficial for monitoring two credit reports and scores, but also be able to have additional identity theft protection for each member of the family. Additional members will only need to subscribe for their additional monitoring, as there is no limit on identity theft protection monitoring.

TrustedID assists its users by monitoring activity daily on credit reports utilizing information from three major credit bureaus. Users are alerted quickly if any changes occur unexpectedly or fraudulently. These credit bureaus include:

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion

Key Features of TrustedID

TrustedID is one credit report monitoring system that has gone above and beyond with providing an excessive amount of features to all users. The following are just a few of the features being offered currently:

  • Unlimited Black Market Internet scanning
  • 3 bureau credit reports & scores
  • Medical benefits monitoring
  • Identity threat score (new feature)
  • Anti-Spyware protection
  • Family identity protection
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Fraud alerts
  • On-call protection specialists
  • $1,000,000 warranty (conditions apply)


The actual pricing of TrustedID will vary with the users selections. For those looking for family coverage for a 12 month period, the pricing is approximately $14.17 per month, while for an individual plan for a 12 month period, the pricing is approximately $7.42 per month. The longer timeframe users purchase protection for, a higher percentage of savings occurs. One month plans are available to those who are unsure if TrustedID is right for them, plus a 14 day free trial is offered to all new activations with TrustedID.

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With more than 15 million people falling victims of identity theft each year, having the protection and information needed allows millions to avoid it happening to them. Identity theft is one of fastest growing crimes in the United States, and TrustedID is prepared to help everyone avoid it from happening to them.

TrustedID not only will protect you, but it will protect your whole family. There are a huge variety of features available with TrustedID, at an affordable rate, you and your whole family can get the information and support you need to avoid identity theft from happening to you. Find out how you can become apart of TrustedID now!

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