One Great Family Review: Genealogy

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When you don’t want to jam your computer full of software, the first thing you’ll want to find is Internet based services. One service that is designated online is the One Great Family genealogy service. This is one genealogy service that has running searches 24 hours a day. During these searches everyone is compared to see if new family members are appearing or if new pieces of information is being brought up.

One Great Family is a superb option for developing your family tree online, with access to a handful of tools that any searcher will benefit from. Whether you are trying to put your entire family tree together, or fill in a few pieces, this is one genealogy service that could be helpful to you.


The overall benefits of One Great Family are astounding. They offer a lot of options to their users, making their service a qualified one for everyone. Finding your family members can easily be done and their Patent Pending genealogy Handprint technology truly puts them above most genealogy services.


Your family tree is so easily put together, and it will remain unique to you. Every single user has a unique view of the universal family tree, making One Great Family even more appealing. If you want access to a lot of tools, an easy to navigate system, and identification of errors or differences with other family trees, you’ll love One Great Family.

If you are new to family tree building, beware that this system could pose to be very difficult. It has been developed for avid family tree builders and offers much more then your average genealogy service.

Key Features of CreditCheck Total

The following are a few of the key features of One Great Family:

  • Automatic merging of two family trees together when exact matches found
  • Identifies and eliminates all duplicated data
  • Searches 24 hours a day comparing everyone
  • Patent Pending genealogy Handprint technology
  • Preservation of everybody’s unique view of universal family tree
  • Automatic identification of errors and differences with other family trees
  • Internet based collecting family tree
  • Access to multitudes of tools


There are three different subscription prices available. Monthly subscription is for only $14.95 a month, a quarterly subscription is for only $29.95 every three months, or the annual subscription is for only $79.95 annually. There is a seven day free trial available for new subscriptions.

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One Great Family is a great option for those that have been putting together their family trees for years. This isn’t a good option for beginners, but the avid family tree builders will truly benefit from everything it has to offer.

For a great annual price, this is one bargain that is hard to ignore. One Great Family is offering much more then people expected, and really putting their mark in the genealogy service options. No matter how much you need to put together in your family tree, One Great Family can help you. Make use of all the features and tools they have and you’ll quickly be amazed with how astounding this system is to you.

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