Some Facts About Identity Theft And ID Watchdog

You probably don’t know that those credit bureaus are selling your credit information to any company that presents a valid reason for needing your data. Thanks to FACTA being passed in 2003, those agencies are at least forced to allow you to put a Fraud Alert on your account. This legislature also forced lending institutions to verify that you are who you claim to be in an identity verification process before they loan money on your behalf. However, this doesn’t guarantee that your information is safe from identity theft. It does mean you should read the rest of this article. If you’re looking for more details about this topic, check out this ID Watchdog Review.

Learning all you can about identity theft insurance is the very first part of securing your personal information.

It is possible that you are not aware that your medical records are in jeopardy of being stolen and could literally threaten your life. When people get desperate enough, they will do anything to get medical care and using your records can result in there being wrong information about you, such as the wrong blood type. If you are in need of medical care that may require a blood transfusion, insist that they do a ‘re-type’ of your blood to make sure your medical information has not been stolen.

In excess of $200 billion dollars a year in merchandise and services gets stolen every year. This has caused companies to implement their own Fraud Alert departments and spend millions of dollars tracking down and finally prosecuting these dastardly criminals. Protecting your information by monitoring your credit profile each day is a vital part of daily life and something you should take very seriously.

Regardless of what type of monitoring service you choose, there are plenty of things you can do yourself to help prevent identity theft. Keep all of your important documents in a bank box where they will be safe, shred all documents, even envelopes you receive in the mail. Keep your birth certificate locked up in the bank box, too, along with any credit applications you have made, your passports and social security cards. Anything that has your name, address or social security number on it must be kept safe.

ID Watchdog scans thousands of databases that contain consumer information watching for suspicious activity to any of your information. Any changes of address, phone numbers, applications for credit, and health records are immediately flagged and you are alerted. It also watches activity on your social security records, DMV records, criminal records and private records such as national security watch lists.

They have a resolution guarantee that if your identity is stolen on their watch, their team of experts will stop at nothing to restore your good credit and name, at no extra charge. Their use of patent-pending technology is intended to prevent theft and provide you with worry free service, 24/7.

With this company they don’t think you need a Theft Insurance policy because if they are on watch and something happens, they will stop at nothing to catch the thief, prosecute and restore your credit and good name. They will be doing all the paper work and leg work involved in this restoration and you won’t have to worry about losing any wages or having any other expenses as a result.

With only 20% of identity theft being credit related and the other 80% seldom being addressed, it is good to know that there is a company that monitors 100% of the activity going on with your personal information. This article should have presented you with enough information regarding protection identity theft and ID Watchdog to decide what you think is best when it comes to protecting your valuable information from identity thieves. If you are searching for further facts regarding this particular subject, check out this ID Watchdog Review.

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