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Protect yourself and your identity with ease with the help from one of the following identity theft protection services that are currently available online. The following are some of the top identity theft protection services available for 2011. Get additional information on each individual program listed below and determine which one will match your requirements quickly.

All the identity theft protection service reviews listed are consumer reviews and not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. has tested out each individual service and recommend these to you, the consumers. Feel free to view our full comparison chart to determine which service will work best for you and what you need.
Identity Theft Protection Reviews & Ratings
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IDENTITY GUARD Total Protection Review

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A complete ID theft protection service with full credit report monitoring and free Internet security suite. Free 30 day trial offered to new registrations.

Trusted Id Review

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A beneficial option for family ID protection. Free 14 day trial offered to new registrations. Sign up made easy for all registrations.

LifeLock Review

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Top ID theft protection service. Great value with an extensive amount of features to coincide an affordable price. Free 30 day trial offered to new registrations.

ProtectMy Id Review

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Astounding price coinciding with amazing ID theft protection and credit report monitoring. 30 day trial offered for only $1 to new registrations.

ID Patrol Review

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Large variety of identity theft protection tools and credit report monitoring data. Good option for those needing an extensive amount of information.

ID Watchdog Review

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Straightforward with what they offer and recovery guarantee. Free 30 day trial available for new registrations.

Identity Truth Review

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Quality identity theft protection service with astounding identity theft recovery services. Affordable for all with useful features for all users.

IDENTITY GUARD Good Start Review

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Lowest priced identity theft protection service on the market combined with astounding identity theft protection.

Guard Dog ID Review

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Guard Dog ID is one of the most profound identity theft protection services we’ve ever seen. Affordable pricing with all the protection needed. Recovery service available as well.

Identity Theft Shield Review

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Great assistance for identity theft recovery, but does not offer identity theft protection. Quality service for those already dealing with identity theft.
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