Guard Dog Id Review

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Please Be Advised: Guard Dog ID has been bought out recently, and we are no longer recommending their services. Once we know more, we will update our review.

Avoiding having someone steal your identity is something every person will want to do, but it can be hard if you don’t have the right options. Guard Dog ID has taken the time and effort to develop a software that helps deter, detect and defend its users from identity theft. There are numerous types of theft that can occur, and they’ve done everything they can to keep you covered.


When it comes down to it, Guard Dog ID has taken the time to provide you, the consumer, just about everything you’d need to protect yourself against identity theft. No provider has the ability to guarantee that it won’t happen to you, but Guard Dog ID provides you the services to help remedy the effects that could occur during an identity theft. You have the ability to know if it’s happening to you, before it gets out of hand and also know how to avoid it happening to you as much as possible.


Guard Dog ID educates its users and offers an extensive amount of features to do it. They assist in the deterrence by educating you, giving you the tools you need to detect identity theft and also providing you with defense if it was to ever occur. These are all things you should have access too, and not many identity theft protection services do that anymore.

Key Features of Guard Dog ID

  • Credit reports and scores
  • Credit monitoring
  • PayDay loan monitoring
  • $1 million identity insurance
  • Comprehensive restoration
  • Names & alias monitoring
  • NetDeflect web scan
  • SSIndicator SSN monitoring
  • SureAddress monitoring
  • Court records monitoring
  • PervertAlert Predator monitor
  • WalletGuard lost wallet assistance
  • BreachWire
  • ID Risk Report
  • JavaCool spyware blaster
  • Virus feeds
  • Sex offender feeds
  • Missing children feeds


There are four different price plans being offered by Guard Dog ID. Essential Protection starts at $2.95 per month, or $24.95 per year. Advanced Protection starts at $9.95 per month, or if you enroll for annual it costs $8.95 per month. Premium Protection starts at $14.95 per month, or if you enroll for annual it costs $13.46 per month. Lastly, for Superior Protection starts at $19.95 per month, or if you enroll for annual it costs $18.33 per month. Annual plans save you 10% on your overall costs.

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Guard Dog ID is one of the most profound identity theft protection services we’ve ever seen. They provide the users everything they could think of in protecting themselves and getting through an unwanted identity theft. You will never feel like you are alone if it was to happen to you with the amazing support system and features offered by Guard Dog ID.

Overall, Guard Dog ID is a great option for many. The pricing is very reasonable and affordable for many, making it a great option for those on any budget. Keeping yourself protected is important and something everyone should consider. You may think identity theft wouldn’t happen to you, but the possibility is always there, even when you least expect it. Stay protected and have Guard Dog ID help you do it easily.

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