IDENTITY GUARD® Total Protection Review: Identity Theft Protection

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Identity theft has always been a concert whether there are services that actually work. One of the worst feelings is feeling like you have had your privacy invaded. While most of us have had someone break into our car or home, identity theft can be one of the most decremental. While one may not expect it to ever happen, it is a rising threat and knowing how to prevent and protect is a major concern. While there are many services available, IDENTITY GUARD® Total Protection services is a part of the brainchild of Intersections Inc., a publicly traded company with over thirteen years of experience in protecting consumers from the treats associated with identity theft.


Identity Guard Total Protection includes an easy to use dashboard that allows you to review all the features included in your service on a user friendly layout. The Identity Guard dashboard not only shows you the information you need, but also provides the detailed information explaining what you are looking at and ideas on how to improve. While this itself alone is a great feature to this package, the real benefits come from going above and beyond.


With features like Public record report monitoring, PrivacyProtect, Mobile Lockbox, ID Vault and Internet monitoring with alerts, this truly is one of the top services available. Their service also comes with a free Internet security suite, which makes them a well rounded service for the best identity coverage.

Key Features of Identity Guard Total Protection

Identity Guard Total Protection services include 3 key areas of monitoring, with the following services included:

  • Credit Account Protection
  • Internet Protection
  • Identity Theft Recovery
  • Unlimited access to your three credit scores/reports
  • ID Vault, a personal password protector
  • Mobile Lockbox
  • PrivacyProtect
  • Review of Internet chats/newsgroups
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Daily 3 credit bureau monitoring with alerts
  • Public record monitoring
  • Credit/debit card monitoring
  • Personal data protection
  • Quarterly credit updates
  • Bank account monitoring
  • $1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance
  • Fraud victim assistance
  • PC security suite
  • Convenient online financial calendars
  • Unlimited toll-free personal customer service


Identity Guard Total Protection has the most extensive fraud monitoring we’ve found and offers its whole service at a great, affordable price. The price for Identity Guard Total Protection is $17.99 per month, or $179.95 annually.

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Identity Guard Total Protection offers one of the most comprehensive protection services of any identity theft protection. They have not only a lot of years of experience in theft protection, they also have an exceptional dashboard and many additional benefits.

While some services offer protection on a few components, Identity Guard is well rounded covering all aspects of protection. It is a bit more expensive than other good alternatives, however for those interested in keeping close tabs on their credit data or identity theft protection, Identity Guard Total Protection is a great service.

Find out now how you can become apart of Identity Guard Total Protection, and start protecting yourself from the unwanted threats in the world.

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