LifeLock Review: Identity Theft Protection

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LifeLock is one of the leading and well known industry leaders in theft protection. While you may have seen them on television, they have had a rapidly growing presence online over the past few years. There are several rival companies competing for the title of the top identity theft protection leaders, LifeLock has secured themselves at the top of the list.

LifeLock opened their doors in 2005 based out of Tempe, Arizona and has been backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, one of the leading venture capital firms in the world. This has helped them to grow rapidly and serve tens of thousands of customers throughout the United States, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.


As the industry leader of Identity Theft Protection, LifeLock has created an advanced monitoring system. Through this system they are able to monitor activity through the three major credit bureaus. They also are able to reduce pre-approved credit offers that allow the ability for individuals to obtain information to commit fraud.


In addition to these already key features, LifeLock provides a service called WalletLock that designates a specialist to each user. These specialists will contact credit card companies, banks and financial institutions and cancel your cards in the event of a wallet being lost or stolen. They will then work to replace your lost documents, including credit/debit cards, drivers license, Social Security card, insurance cards, checkbooks and even travelers checks at no additional cost.

Key Features of LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

LifeLock has two plans to select from with a wide range of features, which include the following:

• Free credit reports
• WalletLock
• Junk mail removal
• $1,000,000 Service Warranty
• Erecon (black market scanner)
• TrueAddress
• Fraud alert notifications
• Public database scanning
• Credit card scanning
• Bank account number scanning
• 24 hour customer service
• Court records alerts/reports
• Sex offender registry alerts/reports


LifeLock has two packages to choose from for identity theft protection. The first is the standard LifeLock package, which costs $10 per month or $110 annually. The second package they offer is the LifeLock Command Center, which is priced at $15 per month or $165 annually.

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While there is several services for Identity Theft Protection available, we feel LifeLock is one of the leading companies with some of the most advanced theft tracking systems available. With a very easy to understand enrollment form, they make it very easy to sign up and get started.

LifeLock covers all aspects of theft protection and then some. This service is one of the most elite services when it comes to identity theft protection and they seem to go above and beyond with their services. While we will recommend going with the Command Center LifeLock services as they are advanced and well rounded, any service will get you started on preventing identity theft. With LifeLock being the industry leader, it is clear to see how they have achieved this status and highly recommend them.

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