TrustedID Review: Identity Theft Protection

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TrustedID is one of the leading competitors and brings a lot to the tables. While increasing the services to become extremely well rounded, they have been decreasing their prices regularly. This has made them one of the leading competitors in identity theft, quickly becoming a rivalry with Identity Guard Total Protection. While both services are exceptional, TrustID has listed their services at a lower rate but require annual prepay. However, they do list a low monthly price which is still in comparison lower then Identity Guard Total Protection. This has helped them obtain becoming a big competitor and one of the leaders in the identity theft service industry.


TrustedID has a wide variety of benefits that help make this an outstanding service. TrustedID has their Internet black market monitoring services, which monitors your personal information for suspicious activity. These areas include such features as social security numbers, credit cards and bank accounts. This service is available immediately upon signing up for the services, allowing you to instantly start receiving alerts.


One of the great features of TrustedID is their freeze option. This service allows you to freeze your credit files at your discretion, denying both companies and individuals from gaining access to it. While there is a wide range of benefits to TrustedID, it as some great price points that are very reasonable. Whether you are an individual or looking for family protection, TrustedID is an exceptional service with well rounded pricing to coincide outstanding options.

Key Features of TrustedID Theft Protection

TrustedID has three main features which they group into IDEssentials, CreditLock and Data Breach Response services, which include the following features:

  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring/Reports/Scores
  • Credit card number scanning
  • Social Security number scanning
  • Name/Address scanning
  • Bank account number scanning
  • Identity threat score
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Fraud alerts
  • Medical benefits protection
  • Junk mail reduction
  • Secure scan anti-spyware software
  • Secure browse anti-phishing software
  • $1,000,000 service warranty
  • On-call protection specialists


TrustedID costs $125 per year for individual protection or $240 per year for family coverage. This pricing also comes in a monthly pricing which offers currently a 14 day free trial, then only $10.42 per month. Family plans offer a 14 day free trial as well with a $20 per month fee there after.

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While there are many services we feel that TrustedID is one of the leading identity services available. With exceptional pricing and a wide array of well rounded set of features, this service is no doubt why they are rapidly growing as a top rival in theft protection. Some features they cover that are crucial to identity theft is the credit reporting to all three credit bureaus. As you will tend to find with some services is they will not include all three, which are greatly needed to ensure the highest level of protection is hit. TrustedID has many features that covers all areas of protection, and we rate it at the top of the list.

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