NASA dreams a Virtual World

NASA dreams a virtual world. Its astronauts are exploring the space and trying to enter into planet Mars and Moon. How does it look when you are the first person to land on a planet? You shall immediately look for means to live. What could be better if you could spot little green plants on the new planet? This is the story of Planet 51 educating about astronaut’s journey into space.

NASA is continuously aiming a second life on planet Mars and Moon connecting them to earth via a 3D virtual world. Astronauts who shall be there at these planets looking for second life would be able to chat with their family, friends and colleagues. E-mail communication can be an easy solution but this is not vision of NASA. NASA wants its astronauts to phone the home, browse the internet connection, send gifts to their family, friends via online services and even order a pizza for their children. It wants its astronauts on Mars to help their children to do homework and analyze space exploration along with their colleagues who are sitting at earth.

Interactive communication between earth and new planet is what virtual world dream is all about. Only hindrance is the connection lag among planets. But what can not be conquered when NASA is dreaming.

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