NASA Hails Fifth Shuttle Launch of 2009

Ever since NASA started its shuttle trips to the space in the year 1981 it had completed 128 Missions and the 129th is on its way carrying a crew of seven people and packs of cargo as supplies to the International space station. Earlier it was the Columbia which had done a great service to NASA before it was lost in the year 2003 along with a seven member crew. Time and again it visited the Hubble Telecope. The highest frequency of missions in a year was nine as per records.

Later on Atlantis took charge of the missions and its latest mission took of on 17th November, 2009. Somewhere in the month of May this year it visited the Hubble telescope which required some mending to bring to its second life. In the year 2008 it had shuttled five times between the earth and the space station.

The latest Shuttle trip is propelled by Ares I , a new generation rocket. With the intention to bring a halt to the shuttles, Atlantis had taken with it a huge package of cargo. No other space vehicle in the world has so much room for carrying such large cargo. NASA has plans to operate only five more shuttles in the next year and planning to wind up the shuttle programs. Thereafter it has plans to induct a new fleet with new spacecraft and rockets. This plan is under a review by Obama Administration. People at NASA make all these missions possible only because, they enjoy doing the job, says launch director Mike Leinbach.

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