New findings at NASA

Across the whole length and breadth of the world of Astronomy, the findings have been reached a new height. Even though several things have been excavated from the Universe, still several are hidden in her womb. These things have to be exposed by the Astronomers and its related field. In this attitude The National Aeronautics and Space Administration popularly known as NASA, has the main role in pivoting the Universe under its net. Every day the discoveries are going in an endless way. Recently on November 16, a well wrought photograph has been sent on some findings on the Milky Way. It is the M83s Center from Refurbished Hubble.

It clearly portrays or depicts on the Milky Way and its related activities. It could be termed as the other form of spiral galaxies. It could be the nearest spiral galaxy. The distance would be an astronomical figure of 15 million light years. While viewing the M83 by the latest telescope it would expose the beauty and astonishing factors hidden in it. The nucleus would reveal the energy level and the busy areas in it. The refurbished Hubble telescope could view the new stars and giant lanes found in it. The region of hot gases is also evident from the X- ray photograph.

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