Obama Needs To Put NASA Back On The Front Burner

I realize that we all have to pick our battles. President Obama has to pick his and I have to pick mine. Despite the recent talk that was given in central Florida it’s not enough. The USA and NASA through innovation, dedication, and American hard work has always been a beacon to follow when it comes to space exploration. The world needs leaders Mr. President, not only in health care and global economic issues but in allowing America to be proud of America again.

Ever go jogging or sleep on a memory foam bed? Those things are directly attributable to NASA using rubber soles on the moon missions and needing something for astronauts to sleep on. How about drink a glass of filtered water? Lots of NASA machinery gives off water, unfortunately this water is contaminated. Filters developed by our space program clean out the germs and heavy metals. Many people benefit from this all over the world. None of it would have happened though without the strong commitment and bold sense of urgency of John F. Kennedy.

This is about jobs in Florida. This is about technology and not falling behind other countries. Some of what you said address these issues Mr. President. But it’s also about Americans being proud of America. Even though I don’t agree with all you policies you can still make me proud. President Obama, you can make America proud.

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