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Take back control of your computers and stop worrying that everything will disappear completely one day with the help from one of the following online backup services that are currently available online. The following are some of the top online backup services available for 2011. Get additional information on each individual program listed below and determine which one will match your requirements quickly.

All the online backup service reviews listed are consumer reviews and not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. has tested out each individual service and recommend these to you, the consumers. Feel free to view our full comparison chart to determine which service will work best for you and what you need.
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Carbonite Review

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Offers some of the best options in online backup. Unlimited storage space at one low price, all year long. Very cost effective and user friendly.

Mozy Review

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Superb online backup software option. Support for external drives and local backups. Easy to use and affordable. Multiple price plans available.

SugarSync Review

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An online backup software that does everything, plus some. Several storage space price plans available. Free 30 day trial offered to new registrations.


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Simple to use online backup software. Good option for both business and personal use. Backup files with a few clicks. Affordable pricing with various storage space plans available.

Norton Review

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A great online backup option coinciding superb online protection. Great for those wanting to store personal documents that may need extra security protection.


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Great backup option for those wanting many options with plans and budget abilities. Several price plans available varying on storage space options.
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Latest Blog Posts
  • Is Online Backup Software A Good Long Term Plan?

    • Many people are on the fence about whether online backup storage or physical modes of storage are best for them. Sometimes the question comes down to which is better for long term storage. If you are looking to store data for long spans of time, online backup software is a great option, and there are several reasons why.
      Because online backup doesn’t solely rely on a physical storage device, it is simply better at withstanding the test of time. Hard drives can break, get lost in transportation or in a hectic work area, something could damage the hard drive and the information inside, and they can flat-out get old. Online storage makes backup instantaneous and very easy. This information can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. You don’t have to worry about finding a hard drive and trying to open the contents.
      Of course both require a computer to access your data, but online backup requires the internet as well. This can pose a problem, but not a huge one. Generally the internet is widely available in both homes and public places. This ability to access your data from anywhere that offers an internet connection will prove very useful.
      Using online backup as your front-line protection against crashing hard drives makes it an all-around good candidate for information storage. Plus, you have access to customer service if you have an issue instead of trying to manually work a portable hard drive. This is another reason online backup is a good long term option. Also, if you have large amounts of data you are looking to store, online backup is quicker and easier than putting it on possibly multiple hard drives.
      The prices for online backup are generally for year-long subscriptions, you only have to pay one flat price every year to keep your data backup.
      If you are looking to try out different options when it comes to data storage, consider signing up for some of the free trials offered by the online backup software companies we reviewed such as IBackup. Each has a unique customer experience, and picking the one you are most comfortable with ensures that a long term plan will run smoothly.

  • How To Back Up Multiple Computers

    • With more people than ever owning and using computers in their daily lives, it’s almost impossible to imagine having to go without one. They’re used to write essays, socialize and keep in touch with family and friends, and for keeping track of pictures and music. So with whole families storing so much data, is there a way you can ensure it all stays safe?
      Fortunately, there is. Online backup makes sure that your data, whether it be family photos, music, videos, or important documents – is backed up. But what about protection for the whole family? Different companies have different approaches to family coverage. For example, Mozy offers additional coverage for your family to the tune of an additional $2 for every computer. iDrive offers a Family Pack where you can backup data from up to five computers. Norton Online Backup automatically comes with the capability to store data from up to five computers. Sugar Sync allows you to back up as many computers as you want.
      If you have large amounts of data, your search will be a little more narrow. Mozy offers unlimited storage space, but you have other options as well. IBackup offers plans for up to 300 gigabytes of data, and Sugar Sync offers up to 250. Do a little research and read some of our reviews and see what sort of storage space you’re going to be needing.
      Personal needs are a huge part of picking an online backup service. Really take into consideration just how much backup space you will need and what sort of services you require. Doing this can help you pick a plan and ensure you have the best overall experience. Plus, why pay more if you don’t have to? Once again, check out our comprehensive reviews and talk to your family about backing up everyone’s invaluable data. You never know when something bad will happen, so start today. The first step is clicking on our reviews.

  • Can Online Backup Help My Business?

    • Depending on what sort of business you run, I would say that sufficient data backup is an absolute must for any business. Think of it this way: customers are what keep your business going. If you can keep customers coming and returning to your business, than you are running it successfully.
      One of the perks of subscribing to an online backup service such as Carbonite is not having to manually back up any data. You can actually set them up to run automatically, meaning your data is being backed up and protected all without you having to think about it. You can adjust it to back up automatically every day or week or month or whatever sort of schedule you would like, depending on how much information you are receiving. It’s personalizable options like this that can adjust to a growing business and help it stay ahead of the game.
      Data retrieval is also very easy, meaning that if you are with a client trying to resolve an issue, you have access to your data quickly and easily. Or even worse, if your hard drive crashes or something else happens, you can quickly and easily restore your information on your new or repaired computer.
      Just like in any situaion, it’s important to read the reviews and do a little background research yourself. See what service can benefit your growing business the most. Especially if you are running your business mostly buy yourself, it’s a relief to have online backup services working for you. There are some that are specifically catered to the needs of a small business, and even some that are geared more towards larger businesses.
      There are also some special qualities to look for in online data backup for businesses. Make sure that work on any kind of system, not just Windows. Also make sure that you have the amount of storage that you need, and be sure to allot plenty of space for continuous information growth. There are some companies that offer an unlimited amount of information storage. A good customer support system is also vital. In addition, make sure that you are investing in a company that provides enough storage space.
      Be sure to get a little educated about online backup and the options you have. The more informed you are now, the more informed of a decision you can make when it comes time to pick a service.

  • Recent Data Leaks – How To Tell If A Site Is Secure

    • All you have to do is type “data leak” into any search engine, and you will come across recent news stories of all sorts of companies, corporations, and businesses losing the personally sensitive information of their customers to criminals. For example, one of the biggest recent data leaks has to do with AT&T, a company that has become a household name. A team of hackers successfully hacked the system and posted 120,000 iPad users’ emails and hardware identitfyers. You might have also heard about the hack of Google by Chinese espionage agents. If a company as big as AT&T or Google can succumb to leaks, who’s to say your online backup service won’t?
      First of all, you can keep a solid amount of trust in your online backup company. These companies specialize in protecting your data. It’s easy to bypass leak-proof security when your company is racing another to the innovation finish line. Online backup companies, on the other hand, are primarily focused on protecting their customers and their customer’s data. Here’s how they do it.
      Before the information ever leaves your computer, it is encrypted. This code is undecipherable for anyone other than you, who holds the key. After being moved across the internet to the secure server of the online backup company, one that is usually not accessible by internet. When the customer decides they want to access their data again, only then is it “reconnected” to the internet. However, before it makes the second trip back to your computer via download, it is encrypted once again. Make sure to read up on the various methods that online backup services such as Mozy use to protect your data.
      It’s important to browse some of the services we reviewed and check out their security measures. Some utilize incredibly impressive encryption processes and some have state of the art centers with the best in physical and digital security. Take the time to browse the actual home pages of these websites and keep an eye out for information that can prove their reputability. Look for things like a support page and read various reviews you find. Make sure there is plenty of information to help you get started on backing up your data. In short, make sure that should you come across an issue, there are plenty of resources available to solve it.
      Make sure that the site you choose is certified and read any guarantees, privacy policies, and refund policies. Having confidence in your company’s security can help you feel good about backing up your data, and our reviews can help get the process started for you.

  • Is It Safe To Have Personal Information Online?

    • Many people worry that storing their information with a third party online backup software exposes their personally sensitive information to those who would use it for identity theft and fraud. However, you can be sure that the services we have reviewed are absolutely secure. Their entire reputation depends on protecting your information, and their whole reason for existence depends on this reason as well. There is an extensive amount of security practices implemented by these companies to ensure that no one besides yourself can get their hands on your information.
      The single most effective way that your information is protected is by use of encryption. Encryption is Even before the files leave your computer, they are encrypted. It is a good idea to check out the level of encryption being used by the online backup provider such as SugarSync, as they differ in security “strengths.” Also be sure to look for open standards to prove the security of the encryption. Generally, SSL, or Secure Socket Layer encryption is used by these companies. This sort of encryption is the same kind used by banks when doing transactions.
      Data is often stored in one area by online backup services, and then they back it up to another area. Once your data is stored in another place or places, another level of security is added in the form of another layer of encryption. At this point, you can rest easy knowing that your data is protected with several layers of security. Because security levels vary from plan to plan, it is important to become aware of your personal and specific security needs and decide from there if you want to pay more for even higher layers of security or not.
      Take a look at some of our reviews to compare and contrast the type of protection works best for you. Also be sure to read the individual websites as well to get an idea of what exactly each service provides. With a solid backup system on your side, you can feel good about the security of your information.

  • External VS. Online Backup (Modes Of Storage)

    • If you are looking for ways to back up your data, you have a two different categories of options. You can either decide to backup all your data to an outside storage device or storage online. Both have their pros and cons, and both branch out a little farther in their respective categories. It’s important to assess where you are and what your needs are for data storage. Here is some basic information to consider if you are looking to back up your data.
      The first option is an external storage device, and these come in many forms. For example, the most popular is an external hard drive. The hard drive is what stores information in your computer, and when you buy an external hard drive, you’re basically buying another one. An external hard drive can be hooked up to your computer, filled with data, and then stored for further use. This is one of the things people like about external hard drives; they can be used and stored instead of having to rely on a third party.
      One of the biggest complaints about external hard drives is that they can easily overheat, which is a big problem for both internal and external hard drives. If they overheat, they can break, causing you to lose some if not all of your information. Also, because they are physical devices, they are prone to damage and just general wear and tear.
      There are other external storage options also. You can use CDs or other disks, a memory stick, or a zip drive. However, these will only be able to store small amounts of data at a time. If you only want to save pictures or a few other things, then this option is maybe worth considering.
      The option that more people are turning to nowadays is online backup. Not only is this option free of any fear of physical damage, but it is also more reliable and secure. If you use online data storage, you can access your information from anywhere there’s a computer and an internet connection. The data is also encrypted to ensure that no one can steal your data. You can also feel safe in knowing that your data could be lost or damaged, since you’re not relying solely on a physical storage method.
      Once you’ve figured out your basic storage needs, take a look at some of the reviews that we have here on our site. It’s troubling to think about all the data that could be lost in one freak computer accident: family photos, music, important documents. Protect this valuable data and back it up as soon as possible. IDrive is a great online backup system to check out.

  • My Hardrive Just Crashed – Is There Any Hope For My Files?

    • I’m not sure if there’s anything worse than a hard drive crash. Whether your computer won’t start up or you’ve encountered that terrible blue screen, you know the sense of dread that accompanies a crash. All those photos, documents, music files, and so much more just disappearing is an awful experience. However, while they outlook might not be a 100% positive, there is still hope. The first step is to not panic.
      It’s important to understand the nature of hard drive crashes. The hard drive is a little magnetic disk along with an extended arm that collects and reads information. If it stops spinning, overheats, or the arm stops functioning, then you have a hard drive crash. They can range from just a few corrupt files to a complete loss. Sometimes, a cable is just loose, but other times, your hard drive could be completely melted.
      There are two broad categories that characterize hard drive crashes: logical and physical. Generally if your hard drive crashes, it can be attributed to a physical issue. Physical issues often mean that while some of your data might be recoverable, you probably won’t be able to retrieve all of it. Physical damage is usually accompanied by clicking, whirring, or grinding. If it’s not a physical issue with the hard drive, then it can be attributed to a locial error, which means there are corrupt files on your computer. One of the biggest causes of this issue is viruses. Logical errors are the easiest to rectify, but it’s still difficult. Sometimes, reinstalling the operating system works, but this isn’t always the case.
      Recovering your data is complicated and not guaranteed. Often, you will have to take it to a professional, but some effort can be made by yourself. For example, you can data recovery software. The best option is to look into online data backup, so that in case something should fail, all of your information is protected.
      Imagine never having to go through this again, or if it hasn’t happened to you, imagine never having to deal with all of this. All you need is the protection of an online backup service. We have reviewed several of them, so flip through and check out which ones address your needs most effectively. Norton Online Backup is a great service.