Carbonite Review: Online Backup

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Keeping your files safe and secure is one thing, but knowing you are protected from losing everything is another. Online backup is one of the safest ways to know everything on your computer is not going to randomly disappear one day.

Carbonite has dedicated themselves to being a comprehensive online backup system that is user friendly with easy remote file access. You can safely store all your files online and access them anywhere you have the Internet and a computer.

When comparing online backup software, each individual software will have their good and bad features. Carbonite has amazed many by minimizing the bad and increasing the good each and every year. Carbonite 4.0 is the latest version, and it of course offers the many things that users have wanted in the past, including the ability to access your files anywhere in the world.


The overall benefits of Carbonite are quite amazing. They have ensured that they are a comprehensive and robust online backup service. People have the ability to upload all those important files right into Carbonite with minimal frustration and complications.


With the recent upgrade to Carbonite 4.0, users have quickly discovered that the process has become much less complicated and straight forward compared to previous installments.

Users that lose everything can also easily restore what they’ve saved onto Carbonite with their downloadable Carbonite InfoCenter. Save up to 12 different versions of files with Carbonite, giving you the ability to roll back to previous versions of the files.

Key Features of Carbonite Online Backup

  • Unlimited online backup
  • Completely automatic online backup
  • Secure file transmission and storage
  • Simple file recovery
  • Access to files anywhere
  • Restore and recover files fuss free
  • Carbonite Pro for Small Businesses
  • Windows/Mac supported


The actual price of Carbonite is worth while. For home use, users have unlimited online backup for only $54.95 a year, for one computer. For small business users, they are offered pricing starting at $10 per month. External drives are not supported for home use, but small business users have the ability to store external drives.

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Overall, Carbonite does offer some of the best options in online backup. Having the ability to store your files unlimited amounts of times all year long, for one price, makes this system one of the most appealing. It is easy to use, automatic, capable of accessing anywhere, users can finally have peace of mind that their files are safe when utilizing Carbonite.

Online backup use to be a very confusing thing several years ago, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Carbonite takes away all the confusion and will take you through all the steps you need to securely store your computers files with just a few simple clicks.

Why not go with one of the easiest online backup software to use, and keep all your files safe and secure with Carbonite. For only $54.95 a year, this online backup software becomes one of the most cost effective options available online.

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