Mozy Review: Online Backup

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Want to go with an online backup system that does even more then the leading competitors? Mozy online backup is quickly becoming a huge competitor in the online backup industry with their large amount of user friendly features and support. They not only offer more then the leaders in online backup, but they have gone above and beyond to make their online backup system usable for everyone.


The overall benefits of Mozy are quite shocking. For a company that is still considered new, they have done everything in their power to offer things that most other online backup software does not. Local backup support is one very appealing feature that most other online backup software does not offer. This means users with external drives not only can back up their external drives, but set them up to be backup options for their main system.


Mozy has ensured to offer much more then what other online backup software has not in the past. Even though a lot of the features are new to the public, they run smoothly and are easy to maneuver. Whether you are new to online backup software or a veteran, Mozy will be easy for you to utilize from the beginning to the end.

Key Features of Mozy Online Backup

The following are some of the features available with Mozy online backup. The list goes on and on, but the following are some of the most appealing that attract most users to Mozy.

  • Local backup support
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Multiple restore options
  • Open and locked file support
  • Automatic or scheduled backups
  • Unlimited gigabytes of storage included
  • System compatible with Windows (7, Vista, XP, 2000) and Mac OS X 10.4 or above
  • Numerous file restoration methods
  • Quick backup after first backup
  • Handles external drive backup while backing up main machine
  • Recover individual files or multiple files


Depending on how long you are contemplating having Mozy for will vary your pricing. For a monthly subscription you are looking at low monthly payments of $4.95 a month. For annual subscriptions you are looking at $54.45 per year, with 1 month free. For a biennial subscription you are looking at $103.95 for 2 years, plus 3 months free.

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In the end, Mozy online backup truly is a superb online backup software. Whether you are looking for it for your personal computers or business use, there is an option for you. Mozy is one of the first online backup software options that offers many things others have not in the past.

If you need something that will not only backup your computers, but also your external drives, then Mozy will work great for you. Need local backup but don’t know how to get it? Mozy can help you. Recovering your files will be just as easy as it was to get them backed up, taking all the confusion out of online backup that you’ve guaranteed experienced in the past. Backing up computers shouldn’t be a trying event, and Mozy surely has ensured that this is very true to their online backup software and made everything user friendly and easily understood by all.

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