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Stop worrying about what your children are seeing online and know exactly what they can access with the help from one of the following parental control services that are currently available online. The following are some of the top parental control services available for 2011. Get additional information on each individual program listed below and determine which one will match your requirements quickly.

All the parental control service reviews listed are consumer reviews and not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. has tested out each individual service and recommend these to you, the consumers. Feel free to view our full comparison chart to determine which service will work best for you and what you need.
Parental Controls Reviews & Ratings
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Net Nanny

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Offers everything a parent could dream of for protecting their children online. Affordable price coinciding astounding features and tools to all users.


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Stay updated with what everyone does on your computer easily. Amazing parental controls that are easy to use and setup. Multiple computers protected for one low cost.


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One of the best child monitoring systems around. Easy to use, tons of features and full control of what is viewed on your PC. Remote access to logs all for one low price.

Safe Eyes

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Not 100% yet, but does offer some great features for those needing minimal monitoring but the ability to still be in control of what children see online.

Cyber Patrol

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Quality option for parental control software. Customization easy for multiple user profiles. Parents stay in control of their computers on multiple computers, all at once. Great option!

McGruff Safeguard Review

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See what’s going on, on your computer without ever touching it again. Amazing features and customizable options with multiple price plan options available.
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