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Staying protected online is becoming much easier with Bsecure. This is one parental control software that takes parental controls seriously offering an abundance of features to all its users. They have not only improved what they are offering to the public, but continuously update so that everyone is staying protected all year long.


One of the biggest benefits behind Bsecure is their profiling abilities. Everyone that utilizes your computers can be setup with a designated profile and time of day use schedule, allowing you, the parent, to know exactly who is online and what they are doing at all times.


Beside the profiling ability, parents are now in the know without being right there with their children. PredAlert alerts the parents via email or text message if something unusual is going on. This could be a request for personal information, such as address, financial information and any other information you wouldn’t want any stranger to have. This surely is a great addition for a parent that can’t always monitor what their child is doing online at all times.

Worried that your Internet service provider won’t be able to configure with Bsecure? Don’t! Bsecure has ensured that they are useable with any ISP so that everyone can benefit from their parental control software.

Don’t worry about your children turning off your parental control software either. The included Tamper Resistant Software puts a stop to your children attempting to put a stop to the monitoring and requires a secure password to be turned off, which you, the parent, should be the only one who knows it.

Key Features of Bsecure

The following are some of the features available with Bsecure parental controls:

  • Improved graphical reporting
  • Access anywhere with browser based control panel
  • Enforced safe search locks for major search engines
  • Application blocking
  • Automatic profile association
  • Safe Surf protection
  • Parental Text alerts (email/texts sent for suspicious activity)
  • Option to block with override or warn only
  • Report only option
  • Secure site filtering
  • Time of Day scheduling with profiles
  • Whole home filtering
  • Social networking protection
  • PredAlert
  • Safety Mode
  • Easy installation/use
  • Accurate filtering
  • Tamper Resistant Software
  • Works with any ISP


For only $49.95 you can protect up to three different computers. Users have a 30 day money back guarantee from Bsecure as well.

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Overall, Bsecure lives up to its name. It keeps everyone very secured and protected online. The ability to stay in control even when you are not around is one major benefit. When you are around you can quickly update yourself with what others were doing on your computer throughout the day, keeping you in the know every time someone is on your computer.

Stop worrying about what your children are seeing online, and be in control of what they are seeing all the time with Bsecure.

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