CyberPatrol Review

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Protecting your children online shouldn’t be a difficult task for anyone, and CyberPatrol is determined to making this easier for everyone. CyberPatrol is an easy to use, effective parental control software that will keep your kids protected from websites and content you do not want them accessing, but still give them access to the things that are safe to them online.

CyberPatrol is flexible enough to allow customization giving you the opportunity to block what you want, and unblock things that may be blocked. CyberPatrol does lack some features that you may see in other parental control software options, but they make up for this with the handy features that they have which are rare in other software options.


CyberPatrol has been designed to be quite user friendly. It is very easy to use and navigating is quite simple. The software has been designed to be very organized, utilizing a tree like structure. One benefit is the level of customizing users can actually do. There is no limitations on the amount of user profiles you can have, and all users can have their very own unique settings, restrictions and allowance. There are 14 distinct categories for filtering and selecting the desire level of blocking is quite easy to select and change with the adjustable sliders.


Adding sites to be blocked is also quite easy. Any website you don’t want someone accessing can be blocked. CyberPatrol also rarely overblocks accepted sites, unless you do it yourself. With the comprehensive filtering, it is rare something is accessed that shouldn’t be. CyberPatrol really has taken the filtering into account during development and went above and beyond with it.

Key Features of CyberPatrol

The following are some of the features offered by CyberPatrol:

  • Flexible content filtering
  • Limit access to programs
  • Restrict chat and instant messaging
  • Monitor Internet activity
  • Limit time online
  • Manage user profiles


There are three packages available for CyberPatrol. The prices vary on the number of computers you’d like to have protection on. For 3 PC’s you are looking at $39.95, for 4 PC’s you are looking at $59.95 and for 5 PC’s you are looking at $74.95. This means you can protect all computers your family utilizes easily at an affordable price.

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In the end, CyberPatrol is a quality option for parental control software. It does everything that you’d want, blocks out the bad and lets you customize it enough to block out everything you’d like blocked. Have a big family? Won’t matter! You can setup designated profiles for everyone and keep your entire family protected from all those unwanted websites and content.

CyberPatrol lets you, the parents, stay in complete control of what your children are accessing, and how long they are doing it. Monitor everything they do, limit the time they are online and manage what is going on. As the parent, you deserve the right to know what’s going on online, and CyberPatrol helps you do just this, plus some.

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