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When you are worried about what your children have access to online, the first thing you will want to do is get protection. NetNanny is one of the top parental controls available online. This parental control software gives you the security and safety parents want to protect their children against anything they don’t want access. It is one of the most customizable options available online and continues to update to keep everyone protected from all the new issues popping up.

NetNanny is available for Windows and Mac users. They are both the best parental control options at a price any parent can afford easily. Monitoring what your family does online has never been so easy when you have NetNanny behind you. You will no longer have to sit over your child’s shoulder any time they are online worried they may access something they shouldn’t be, even accidentally. The amount of features offered will keep your entire family protected all year long.


There are many benefits to having NetNanny, and one of the biggest ones is the overall protection. You will be greatly amazed how good the protection is, that you’ll find yourself completely protected navigating around the World Wide Web.


One of the best features offered is the ability to set time schedules for Internet access. This means you can not only stop your children from accessing the Internet when you are not around, but everyone in your home. Customize when you want your home able to access the Internet, and with the parental password parents can easily type in the password and access whenever they want.

NetNanny is one of the easiest parental controls to maneuver. Installation is easy and customizing everything to work they way you want is just as easy. NetNanny is one of the most user friendly options available.

Key Features of NetNanny

  • Overview Screen
  • Remote Management
  • IM Alerts and Analysis
  • Customizable allowed/blocked lists
  • Detailed logs
  • Schedule Internet access
  • Secure website filtering/blocking
  • Game and application blocking
  • Browser alerts
  • Configuration assistant
  • Easy install, configure and manage
  • Unlimited toll free technical support
  • Password protected access for parents
  • Social networking dashboard


The overall pricing of NetNanny is quite reasonable for all the features being provided to its users. For only $39.99 annually, users get consistent updates and unlimited use of NetNanny. It is the same price for Mac and Windows users.

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Overall, NetNanny hands down offers everything a parent could dream of for protecting their children online. Anything you were worried about them accessing can be blocked, you can monitor everything they do and access. You stay in complete control of your computer and your children all at once. You can finally be at ease that when they are online, they aren’t getting anywhere near things they shouldn’t be anymore.
NetNanny has truly topped themselves over and over again with their parental control software and will keep your entire family protected while surfing around the Internet.

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