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With more people than ever owning and using computers in their daily lives, it’s almost impossible to imagine having to go without one. They’re used to write essays, socialize and keep in touch with family and friends, and for keeping track of pictures and music. So with whole families storing so much data, is there a way you can ensure it all stays safe?
Fortunately, there is. Online backup makes sure that your data, whether it be family photos, music, videos, or important documents – is backed up. But what about protection for the whole family? Different companies have different approaches to family coverage. For example, Mozy offers additional coverage for your family to the tune of an additional $2 for every computer. iDrive offers a Family Pack where you can backup data from up to five computers. Norton Online Backup automatically comes with the capability to store data from up to five computers. Sugar Sync allows you to back up as many computers as you want.
If you have large amounts of data, your search will be a little more narrow. Mozy offers unlimited storage space, but you have other options as well. IBackup offers plans for up to 300 gigabytes of data, and Sugar Sync offers up to 250. Do a little research and read some of our reviews and see what sort of storage space you’re going to be needing.
Personal needs are a huge part of picking an online backup service. Really take into consideration just how much backup space you will need and what sort of services you require. Doing this can help you pick a plan and ensure you have the best overall experience. Plus, why pay more if you don’t have to? Once again, check out our comprehensive reviews and talk to your family about backing up everyone’s invaluable data. You never know when something bad will happen, so start today. The first step is clicking on our reviews.

I’m not sure if there’s anything worse than a hard drive crash. Whether your computer won’t start up or you’ve encountered that terrible blue screen, you know the sense of dread that accompanies a crash. All those photos, documents, music files, and so much more just disappearing is an awful experience. However, while they outlook might not be a 100% positive, there is still hope. The first step is to not panic.
It’s important to understand the nature of hard drive crashes. The hard drive is a little magnetic disk along with an extended arm that collects and reads information. If it stops spinning, overheats, or the arm stops functioning, then you have a hard drive crash. They can range from just a few corrupt files to a complete loss. Sometimes, a cable is just loose, but other times, your hard drive could be completely melted.
There are two broad categories that characterize hard drive crashes: logical and physical. Generally if your hard drive crashes, it can be attributed to a physical issue. Physical issues often mean that while some of your data might be recoverable, you probably won’t be able to retrieve all of it. Physical damage is usually accompanied by clicking, whirring, or grinding. If it’s not a physical issue with the hard drive, then it can be attributed to a locial error, which means there are corrupt files on your computer. One of the biggest causes of this issue is viruses. Logical errors are the easiest to rectify, but it’s still difficult. Sometimes, reinstalling the operating system works, but this isn’t always the case.
Recovering your data is complicated and not guaranteed. Often, you will have to take it to a professional, but some effort can be made by yourself. For example, you can data recovery software. The best option is to look into online data backup, so that in case something should fail, all of your information is protected.
Imagine never having to go through this again, or if it hasn’t happened to you, imagine never having to deal with all of this. All you need is the protection of an online backup service. We have reviewed several of them, so flip through and check out which ones address your needs most effectively. Norton Online Backup is a great service.