A Comprehensive Guide To The Identity Theft Protection Services From Trusted ID

Most individuals are not aware that credit companies sell your credit information to any business that provides a valid reason for needing the information. The good news is, FACTA was put into law in 2003 which forces the reporting agencies to allow you to put a Fraud Alert on your account. Along with other issues, FACTA forces lending institutions to verify your identity before they can lend you any money. In this article you should find some more interesting information about your credit and Identity Theft. Furthermore, looking into this TrustedID Review is a prudent idea.

Something else most people never consider is that an identity thief can also get your medical records and have expensive operations or treatments using your health information. Not only can this result in a huge medical bill you are suddenly faces with, it could mean that your life is in danger if you are hospitalized and need a blood transfusion. If the thief had a different blood type than you, the transfusion could kill you.

Identity Theft results in more than $200 billion dollars of losses each year for businesses and corporations. Most of them have started their own Fraud Alert departments where it costs them millions of dollars to investigate, track down and prosecute these criminals. It has never been more important for you to keep a close watch on your credit report and other monitoring means in order to protect your vital records. But the most important part of securing your credit is to research id theft.

There are some things you can do to help protect yourself while deciding on which monitoring service to use. Check with your bank about getting a bank deposit box and keep all your important papers such as birth certificates, deeds, marriage certificates, social security cards, passports, loan applications, financial and health cards and any other documents which might have information on them which can get into your credit accounts. Shred everything else that is not needed. You also need to shred the envelopes your bills arrived in, as well as destroying any labels on medications, or other bottles.

TrustedID monitors all three bureaus to notify you if there are any changes, and alerts you when there is any activity, and you get a credit report from each bureau. The Fraud Alert Reminder lets you know when your alerts are due to expire before the 90 days.

They have medical information checking which verifies that you or your family was the patient being treated; you get the ability to use Credit Lock to put a ‘freeze’ on all three accounts at the credit bureaus.

They offer a million dollar warranty that pays legal fees, re-application fees, other losses from theft damage, and lost wages for a maximum of 4 weeks or five thousand dollars. Their team of professionals handle the services to regain your credit and restore your identity as quickly as possible.

Credit fraud currently makes up only 20% of identity theft claims and the other 80% include medical records theft. When you consider how potentially life threatening this could be to you and your family members, it may be time to get serious about Identity Theft. Look for a TrustedID service that can monitor more than just your credit history. This article should have given you enough to ponder in deciding which service is for you.

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