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Virtual phones are helping to change the way you do business. No longer do you need to pay
for an expensive and equipment heavy phone system that requires frequent maintenance and
updates by your local phone company. With a virtual phone system, you are harnessing the
power of technology and gives you a single phone number that you can send to any phone or
phones you want. A virtual phone system allows you to really do your business from any location
and with some providers you can choose to have a number that is set up to give you a local or
non-local area code. With features such as voicemail, automated greetings, 1-800 numbers,
and fax options, virtual phones are removing the need for a traditional equipment-based phone

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Virtual Phones Reviews & Ratings
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With an easy-to-use interface and a rich list of options including extra minutes, an iPhone app and extra add-ons, this is a virtual phone service worth investigating. With solid customer support, you’ll find that this company is a solid and reliable choice.


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This virtual phone service is priced slightly higher than its competitors but the extra
features and the backing by a real leader in the technology space still make this a top choice.
Among the list of options you can include teleconferencing capabilities but may find yourself
limited with only two extensions.


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With RingCentral you get excellent phone quality, fax integration, call blocking and
excellent customer support. The bonus mobile apps also makes this company appealing but the
interface can be a bit confusing and intimidating for new users.


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This is the phone service of choice for small companies who do not have a lot of
phone requirements. The server has a five employee or less limit and the faxing capabilities are
not the best in the industry. But the lack of a contract to bind you to a long-term commitment can
be appealing.


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One of the few services that does not offer a free trial, so it really is buyer beware, since
you cannot try this service before committing to it. With a clear focus on small businesses, this is
a basic virtual phone system with simple options. This could be exactly what you’re looking for..


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With some nice-to-have features not offered by the bigger virtual phone providers, this
is a viable option. The Quick Start guide and online training sessions make this an accessible
phone system for all levels of users. Though, if you require faxing, this is not the phone service
for you.
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