Nextiva Review: Virtual Phones

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Nextiva is a known brand in the VoIP and Internet fax business so one expects similar feature-rich options with its virtual phone system. But this is not the case, Nextiva offers the standard and not much above it. The pricing and packages are appealing for the monthly option but without a free trial it is hard to know if this system will work for your needs.


The strength with Nextiva lies in its pricing and no-contract packages. The user interface can be intuitive with some options and then cumbersome and finicky with other options. While it is recognized that virtual phone systems aren’t really used for outgoing calls, Nextiva doesn’t even provide an option for “card supported” outgoing calls. In addition, there are no Internet fax options with Nextiva, which is surprising since this company is a big player in the Internet fax space.


Key Features

Nextiva really doesn’t offer a lot in addition to the standard virtual phone system options, but it does include in each package:

  • Personalized voice attendant
  • Option to keep your existing number
  • Voicemail and call screening support


Nextiva may not offer much in the way of additional features and benefits but it has priced itself well within the market: Connect 100 provides 100 minutes at $8.95 a month; Connect 500 provides 500 minutes at $19.95 a month; Connect Unlimited provides unlimited call minutes at $69.95 a month. These prices are month-to-month meaning you are not bound by a contract, which is especially appealing since Nextiva does not offer a free trial.

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Based on the strength of Nextiva’s other products (VoIP and Internet fax) one expects similar richness in features and options with its virtual phone system. Unfortunately this is not the case – you simply get what you pay for. Now this doesn’t make Nextiva a bad option it just doesn’t put it at the top of the selection list.

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