RingCentral Review: Virtual Phones

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There really isn’t a lot of room for flexibility and creativity in the virtual phone market space. The standards pretty much apply across the board, but RingCentral is able to differentiate itself with fax services, a robust interface and strong customer support.


The RingCentral user interface is deeply complex and robust – this is a god and a bad thing. For intelligent and adventurous users, this interface won’t be a stumbling block but for new users, the complexity and detail could be a problem. The integrated fax support does really set RingCentral apart from its competitors. Additionally the iPhone app has some nifty features that more advanced users will like. There is a complete range of pricing and plan options with a number of add-ons available.


Key Features

RingCentral is able to differentiate itself in the market with its fax support and a number of interesting options:

  • Can be used with any existing phone system
  • Send and receive Internet faxes
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Keep your existing phone number for free
  • Option to record telephone calls
  • Call-blocking is supported


RingCentral has four pricing plans for you to choose from: Pro $8.29/month when you pre-pay or $9.89 monthly rate with 300 minutes and 10 extensions; ProPlus $16.29/month when you pre-pay or $19.99 monthly rate with 1,000 minutes and unlimited extensions; ProBusiness $23.29/month when you pre-pay or $39.99 monthly rate with unlimited minutes and 1,000 toll-free minutes and unlimited extensions; ProUnlimited $31.29/month when you pre-pay or $39.99 monthly rate with unlimited minutes including local, toll free and long-distance calls and unlimited extensions.

Each package has additional charges for extra minutes with the exception of ProBusiness. There are for-pay options for each package including vanity phone number ($30), additional virtual extensions ($2.99/month), and additional fax numbers ($4.99/month).

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RingCentral can boast excellent phone quality, fax integration, call blocking, and useful customer support personnel. While the interface can be a bit challenging for some users, this company has carved out a solid spot in this niche market. With reasonable prices and package options, RingCentral is worth a second look.

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