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Web hosting companies sell services to allow companies and individuals to host and publicize web sites. The web hosting company provides you with server space to store your web site, provides software to enable you to design your web site and often provides you with domain registration.
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Yahoo Hosting

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Yahoo! Small Business is an excellent web hosting plan for users looking for the advantages of working with a known Internet-based company. Small business owners will find it easy to add shopping cart and eCommerce support to the web site. Less tech-savvy users will benefit from the Yahoo! templates and WYSIWYG editor.

Yahoo! gives you everything you're looking for in a web hosting plan and makes it easy to upgrade as your business grows and thrives.

Host Gator

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HostGator is an excellent choice for users looking to direct their dollars to a company trying to make a difference. Don't overlook the strength of this web hosting plan and the valuable add-ons that other web hosting services often charge you for.

Lunar Pages

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This web hosting service might be a bit more expensive than other plans out there but the ease-of-use and simplicity of the web site design and management software is more than worth the slightly higher price. This is a web hosting service plan that offers something for users of all levels.

1&1 Hosting

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1&1 truly does offer something for every type of user. This web hosting service company has plans for basic users to developers. The real bargain here is getting the robust in-house designed and supported 1&1 web design applications and the two free lifetime domain registrations. With the first six months free and a 90-day money back guarantee, 1&1 is worth investigating further.


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While Bluehost is price higher than some in the web hosting space, the price is justified when one takes a close look at data transfer speeds. For users with web sites chock full of graphics and photos, the extra $3/month is worth when you know that your site will be loaded quickly and efficiently.


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For the intermediate-advanced user looking for a no frills web hosting service plan that provides complete control over the look-and-feel of web sites, Dreamhost is an excellent choice.


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FatCow is another web hosting service company that features affordable monthly rates and the free domain registration for life hook. To add some differentiation to the web hosting space, FatCow is 100% powered by wind energy. Saving you some green dollars and helping the environment, FatCow is a good choice for users looking for basic web hosting capabilities at an affordable price.


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GoDaddy will attract users based on its brand-awareness and popularity but the bells and whistles stop there. Pay close attention to the features of each plan and don't choose the cheapest plan you find. This is though a decent choice for the home user who doesn't require lots of disk space or eCommerce support.

Host Papa

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While light on features, HostPapa does provide options for users who really aren't sure how long they want to commit. Essentially, you choose your price based on the length of commitment you are willing to sign for. Moderate pricing, basic services combined with a green hosting plan makes this a decent choice for intermediate web developers.

Inmotion Hosting

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The key with InMotion is to really do your research before signing up for a plan. Be sure that you're choosing the correct type of plan and then the correct level within that plan. The InMotion web site clearly shows what you get and don't get with each plan - so take your time and do some reading. Depending on your skill set and what you want, this just might be the web hosting service plan company for you.


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Uptime speed and stability are definitely high on the want list of any web site developer, but the strong scores of Intuit in these options does not outweigh the limitations of its plans.


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A cheap monthly plan, a one-year contract, free domain registration for life, features that satisfy both individuals and small business owners - iPage really does have a lot to offer. Not to be overlooked is the company's commitment to the environment with its purchase of renewable energy credits.

IX Web Hosting

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IX Web Hosting is not trying to be everything for everyone, rather it offers basic service plans each with a few different features. This is reliable option for intermediate users who are comfortable with web site design and maintenance.

Just Host

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If you're looking for straight-forward web hosting and web site design services at an affordable rate, Just Host is a good choice. We can't speak for the customer service but comments on the WWW have wavered on the friendliness and attentiveness of Just Host customer service representatives.


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While the peace-of-mind features (virus scan and automated backup) are really nice to have, these do not outshine the high price combined with limited options. With a cap on data storage and with only one MySQL database included, this is not the choice for business users. For individuals though, this could be a reasonable option - but pay attention to the price.


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A basic web hosting service plan at a basic price. Web Hosting Plan will work for intermediate users who don't need or expect lots of extra add-ons and WYSIWYG editors.
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