What Is A Firewall And What Does It Do?

One of the strongest tools used by security software is firewall protection. Firewalls serve as a barrier that filters information shared between you and other internet users. Many have heard of firewalls, but few know exactly what they are and how they work. Because they are such an important part of your protection while surfing the internet, it’s good to know a little bit about them. Security software offered by several reputable companies also offer firewall protection in their software, making investing in internet security a considerable idea. If you are looking into investing security software, knowing how firewalls work can help you judge just how much protection you are getting.

Basically, firewalls are utilized by internet routers, computer operating systems, and by separate software to help distinguish which network transmissions should and should not reach your computer. Outside of specialized software, some very basic firewall protection can be found in many operating systems and internet routers, but if you are looking to step up your online security, looking into some security software with enhanced firewall protection would be a good idea.

There are a few types of firewalls. Packet filters, proxy service, and stateful inspection are the main types, and each uses different protocol and sets of rules in order to determine what gets through the firewall and what doesn’t. These also address how certain types of businesses are run, and one might be preferable over another, depending on the company’s needs.

Firewalls are especially important for business or homes with several different computers accessing the internet. Because all of these computers are linked through one area network, they are all vulnerable should one computer get a virus or get hacked. It is possible that one hacker can infiltrate the system through just one computer and end up gaining access to all of the computers, and it could happen to a company with hundreds of computers. With a firewall in place, this isn’t an issue anymore. Every computer has protection that would not let harmful viruses or hackers in should one person perpetrate a security risk. In other words, each computer is a rendered a separate entity, even if they are all on the same internet network.

If you are looking to invest in some security software, it’s a good idea to do a little research to figure out just how you are being protected. A great place to start is our reviews. Kaspersky utilizes a two-way firewall and BitDefender protects you with a quality firewall as well.

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