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Everyone’s guaranteed heard about with the extensive amount of advertising that is done on this program, both online and offline. is a subsidiary of Experian, making them a very popular option for many and has many utilizing each year to get their credit reports and scores completed.


The largest benefit behind is the actual reports users are receiving. Each month users have the option to get their Experian scores twice per months. While other credit report monitoring systems provide users with credit data from 3 credit bureaus, the updates are not as frequent and in some instances useless. With, the data provided is up to date, giving users current information instead of a few months old.


For those looking for constant monitoring on their credit, does provide this. All three credit bureaus are monitored and an email alert will be sent to the user any time a change or inquiry is done on the users credit. This is done by Triple Advantage, a credit monitoring service which is apart of They are the exact same company, but if users are at any time dealing with an identity theft issues, Triple Advantage is contacted to assign one of their fraud resolution specialists to the account.

Key Features of

Behind there is an extensive amount of features available to members and users. The abundance of features has assisted in continuing reigning lead as one of the best credit report monitoring systems available. The following are a few of the features users are going to get to utilize:

  • 2 Experian scores monthly
  • Monitoring of all 3 credit bureaus
  • Frequent credit data updates
  • Fraud Resolution Specialists
  • Identity Theft Insurance up to $50,000
  • Access to Score Center
  • Credit score estimator tool


There are other credit report monitoring services available that are cheaper, such as, but they do not offer what users can receive with The actual price of is $14.95 per month, with a 7 day free trial for brand new users. The price isn’t excessive for the extensive amount of features users have access too, and the regularly updated credit data.

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When you are in need of information quickly and regularly, then is something you may want to consider. This is one credit report monitoring system that provides users with what they need, when they need it, with the updates they want. Instead of paying a high amount for up to date information, why not go with a system that is already doing it at a price just about anyone can afford.

Experian has been backing for several years now, and are going to continue doing it to ensure users get everything they need. Take advantage of the great tools and services behind this credit report monitoring system. Not only will you get 2 Experian credit scores per month, but unlimited access to Experian’s credit score estimator tool, all for one low monthly price of $14.95. Much cheaper then what you’d get anywhere else.

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