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Credit report monitoring is taken to the next level with myFICO Score Watch. With myFICO users are given access to their FICO score. FICO is one of the largest credit bureaus around, and having this score is beneficial for anyone. Getting the best score makes monitoring credit much easier for everyone, and myFICO does just this.


MyFICO Score Watch has many benefits behind it. The biggest of course being that users receive their FICO scores. Score Watch computes this score around the Equifax credit report, meaning that the FICO score could in turn be different when based against Experian or TransUnion reports. Equifax FICO scoring though is still a beneficial piece of information to have. By having this information people are able to develop a barometer around rate types they are likely to receive when attempting to get loans or credit cards.

With the reports users receive, they are provided with the latest FICO score, Equifax credit reports and also the FICO score simulator which gives an estimation on what changes could be made to improve credit scores. Users receive an updated score from myFICO whenever changes do occur, allowing users to be aware of their credit reports and up to date scores.

Key Features of myFICO

There are numerous different credit report monitoring services out there that do not provide Equifax FICO scores, but myFICO has taken the time to not only bring this FICO scoring, but numerous other beneficial features. The following are some of the features provided by myFICO:

  • Two free Score Power reports annually
  • Monitoring/updates of credit score changes
  • Identity Theft notifications for Equifax changes
  • 24/7 monitoring/alert
  • Close monitoring of Equifax credit reports/scores
  • Free Equifax FICO score


For those considering purchasing myFICO the pricing is very reasonable for all budgets. For only $12.95 per month, users have the ability to utilize myFICO regularly. Unsure that it is right for you? Take part in the 10 day free trial being offered by myFICO.

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myFICO is a service built right around the monitoring of users FICO scores, allowing them to receive identity theft protection at no additional cost. Anytime something doesn’t look right on the account, users are notified quickly about this.

One downfall is that myFICO is based only around Equifax credit reporting, if there is errors within Experian or TransUnion reports, users will be unaware unless registered to be notified by another credit report monitoring service. This does put a damper on identity theft protection with the monitoring of only one bureau, but myFICO can still be beneficial for someone needing their FICO report and score.

Currently myFICO does not provide any identity theft insurance, but don’t fret, most identity theft insurance doesn’t cover as much as people are led to believe. If you are someone that wants to keep a close eye on your Equifax FICO score and credit report, then myFICO is the perfect choice for you. People can even determine if it is right for them by simply taking part in the 10 day free trial which does include a free FICO score.

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