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When you are searching for something that is affordable and gets you the information you need, then Archives could be a beneficial option for you. They offer a lot of things you wouldn’t at first expect, but as you begin using them, you’ll quickly see that they bring you everything you need from an genealogy service.

Archives is not overly known everywhere, but is something every person on the hunt for genealogy services should consider. It offers a lot more then people first expect and offers it at a price just about everyone can afford. Affordable services combined with user friendly services, makes Archives a great option for anyone searching for their pasts.


One of the major benefits of Archives is that they offer their users access to the world collection at no additional cost. Most genealogy services offer this at an additional cost, and Archives does not. You will also not have to download or add any services onto your computer to run Archives. Everything is done virtually to make the process easier for you.


Genealogy research can be hard, but Archives has made it much easier. Sync up your family tree software with Archives and be on your way to putting together an even larger family tree. Want to meet others searching for their families? Then do it! Archives has an open forum to all members so that everyone can be supportive of each other through their searches.

Key Features of CreditCheck Total

The following are a few of the key features of Archives:

  • Bold and robust interface
  • Feature rich family tree software
  • Results you can trust
  • Full year of access for 80% less then competitors
  • No additional charge for World Collection
  • No plugins, downloads, installations or software needed
  • Connect with other users through member forums
  • Compatible with all major family tree software programs (Family Tree Maker)
  • The easy approach to genealogy research


The overall price of Archives is only $39.95 for a year. Users are offered a 7 day free trial to see if they’d like utilizing Archives before committing to the year price. They are the lowest priced genealogy service online currently.

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Overall, Archives is a great option for those not wanting to spend a lot of money attempting to find their long lost relatives. It comes at a budget friendly price, while still providing you with the same great information you may have received through other high priced services.

Archives does offer a lot for the price that users are paying. With the ability to sync up a family tree software program that you may have utilized in the past can save a lot of work. This is truly an easy approach to genealogy research that many have been waiting for.

Why continue struggling attempting to piece together your past when Archives can easily help you out. Get involved in the forums, meet others just like you. You’ll quickly be amazed on everything you can find, and the very helpful people out there that will guaranteed want to help you out with finding out your past and who was apart of it.

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