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Over the years, the use of social media has drastically skyrocketed, and Family Builder has of course taken advantage of this. Family Builder is the first genealogy service to take full advantage of the social media lands of Facebook, offering their service right on Facebook. Users can quickly put together their family tree with a few simple clicks, on their favorite social media portal.

Family Builder isn’t new to the scene, but a lot of things they are doing are completely new to what genealogy services generally offer.


One of the major benefits of Family Builder is how easy it is to utilize. The fact it has been imported onto the Facebook social media portal makes them very appealing to many. Developing family trees does not take much, especially if the majority of your family members are located right on your Facebook friends list.


We’ve discovered that there is one major downfall, finding extended family that may or may not be online. If other family members that you have do not input extended families information, you won’t be able to get it. This genealogy service is mainly beneficial for those just wanting to put together a tree of family members they know of with a few extensions off of it.

When you upgraded to a payer status with Family Builder, you will get access to much more, but not as much as you’d expect. Overall, Family Builder isn’t living up to what other genealogy services are bringing. They are user friendly, but they don’t expand much out of your own little circle of Facebook family members.

Key Features of CreditCheck Total

The following are a few of the key features of Family Builder:

  • Facebook adapted
  • Notification to family members
  • Tree access for others
  • Matching and merging
  • Build trees together
  • Customization
  • Ad-free pages
  • Custom printing
  • Get cool family stats
  • Priority customer service


There are three different packages available through their Facebook application. The bronze subscription is for 30 days costing approximately $2.00 per month. The silver subscription is a 6 month subscription costing approximately $1.66 per month. The gold subscription is a year subscription costing approximately $1.50 per month. All subscriptions are run through Facebook, making the price much cheaper as you are purchasing Facebook credits for the services.

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Overall, we were disappointed with Family Builder. As they’ve become Facebook dedicated, they stopped focusing on finding extended information. This genealogy service is great for those wanting to compile their Facebook family members and a few others, but not something to dedicate all your family tree building towards.

If you are in need of a service that helps develop a full blown family tree, consider one of the other genealogy services we’ve reviewed and find that perfect one for you.

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