Footnote Review: Genealogy

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When you are on the search for all those historical documents and archives, FootNote is a service that will shine for you. They are one of the top services for historical documents and archives for a reason. They bring the world millions of documents and archives easily, at a low price every year.

There is much to see behind Footnote that makes its an option for those historians hunting for a few documents they know exist in the world. This isn’t the best genealogy service for those trying to put together their family trees, but a great service for those wanting to find documents from other family members.


The benefits behind Footnote vary for those looking at it. For those that are wanting to develop their family tree, there are not many benefits behind Footnote. For those that are wanting to find some historical documents and archives, then they’ll love everything that Footnote has to offer.


Footnote may be considered a genealogy service, but they are a great historical service more so. They offer everything a historian could dream of. The information held within Footnote’s database may be beneficial for some people trying to put together their family trees, but it won’t put together your entire family tree fully like other genealogy services out there.

One of the biggest benefits of Footnote is the actual amount of information they have. Users have unlimited access to all the historical images, documents and anything else that is uploaded onto Footnote’s database. As long as you are a member, you can view everything put onto the website’s database.

Key Features of CreditCheck Total

The following are a few of the key features of Footnote:

  • Unlimited access to all historical images
  • Annotate, comment, print and save images
  • Share premium images with family and friends
  • Create a gallery of your favorite premium images
  • Create your own footnote pages
  • Search and browse all images
  • Spotlight images and documents
  • Upload images to your gallery
  • Annotate member images
  • Upload, annotate and print your own images
  • View and search member images


The all access membership comes at a price of $11.95 per month or only $79.95 per year. There is a basic free membership, but it will not include all the features that are available in the all access membership.

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Overall, Footnote has confused many with what it offers, but is hands down a great option for those wanting to find a lot of historical pieces. It has an endless supply of information throughout the entire website, and information that many wouldn’t have imagined seeing.

Even though Footnote isn’t the perfect genealogy service, it can be beneficial for historians over family tree builders. Depending on what you are searching for will determine if Footnote is right for you. If you are mainly wanting to build out your family tree, then consider other genealogy services available, but if you are just searching for certain historical documents or images then Footnote will be perfect for you!

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