ID Watchdog Review: Identity Theft Protection

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ID Watchdog was created by seasoned professionals in July of 2005. These professionals took an unusual approach by enlisting professionals in all areas of theft protection. These individuals included law enforcement authorities, judicial representatives, consumer privacy advocates and banking/credit experts.

Together ID Watchdog has created one of the most powerful identity theft protection services available. While most companies focused on credit protection, which makes up only 20 percent of identity theft, ID Watchdog was committed to developing a patent-pending technology that is one of the most comprehensive monitoring systems available. Currently ID Watchdog is a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2005 and continues to hold an A rating.


While most companies focus on credit monitoring solely, ID Watchdog developed their patent-pending technology to scan a long list of public records. This list includes the databases of social security administration, auto, boat or plane registrations, criminal records, drivers or pilots licenses and homeland security watch lists. They also monitor these databases for address or name changes, bankruptcy, liens and other judgments or filings.


ID Watchdog also has a unique resolution guarantee that is extremely straight forward. Their guarantee covers essentially every form of identity theft including financial, medical, benefits, employment, criminal, tax or utilities fraud. ID Watchdog also claims to have a 100% success rate with recovering stolen identities, however they do claim that while most recoveries take three to six months, they can sometimes take up to two years.

Key Features of ID Watchdog Theft Protection

ID Watchdog has several parts to their monitoring that include IDCheck, ID Watchdog, ID SnapSot and ID Rehab. These services cover the following areas of protection:

  • Credit reports
  • DMV driving history
  • Motor vehicle registration history
  • Global criminal check
  • US criminal record check
  • Monthly monitoring of thousands of databases
  • US wants and warrant checks
  • Sex offender registry
  • Social security number trace
  • Terrorist watch list
  • Bankruptcies, liens and judgments
  • 100% resolution guarantee


ID Watchdog has several pricing options available to you. However, their main package is the ID Watchdog plus and is priced at $19.95 per month. They offer a one year and three year pricing as well, which provides a discount based on length of subscription.

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ID Watchdog is an excellent service and has some great features offered only with them. They have an easy to understand enrollment page and provide a risk free assessment. ID Watchdog has an unique approach to identity theft and has a 100% recovery guarantee.

They do have a few downsides which are the $19.95 monthly fee, which is pricey when compared to other services. They also do not provide credit report data, which is essential to theft detection and credit monitoring. ID Watchdog also does not recover or reimburse for damages, loss of income or other losses resulting from the identity theft. ID Watchdog is however highly recommended and provide some comprehensive monitoring that is patent-pending to them. For people looking to get coverage on all aspects of identity theft, ID Watchdog is for you.

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