IDENTITY GUARD® Good Start Review: Identity Theft Protection

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IDENTITY GUARD® offers many large packages that cover all aspects of protection and has several packages. While Total Protection is recommended there is a basic version that still has some great monitoring services available. This starter package is known as Identity Guard Good Start, and is a great option if your budget is low or your skeptical of identity theft services.


Some benefits of Identity Guard Good Start protection is the low price for anyone who is looking for some basic protection or looking to just try out the services. While enjoying the low cost of the package, you will still enjoy some key features like unlimited customer service support, daily credit report monitoring and automatic email alerts. These services are key components to getting started with monitoring your identity and determining if upgrading to the Identity Guard Total Protection package may be right for you.


Key Features of Identity Guard Good Start

Identity Guard Good Start services include key components to basic monitoring with the following services included:

  • 30 day satisfaction guaranteed
  • $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance
  • Identity Theft Fraud victim assistance
  • Internet Surveillance
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Online financial tools
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Daily credit monitoring
  • Unlimited customer service


When it comes down to the overall price of most Identity Guard packages, they have been known to be higher then average. Identity Guard Good Start has done the complete opposite of this and is providing the package for an astounding price of $4.99 per month or $49.95 a year. The yearly option gives you a 17% saving, making it a great option for someone wanting to save more on their identity theft monitoring.

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Identity Guard Good Start is designed for anyone looking to try out identity theft protection without having to put their budget out of sorts. While Identity Guard Good Start includes several key components within its package that are crucial basics to start monitoring your identity, it is still a basic package option. While we recommend the Identity Guard Total Protection, this package is a good option for someone who is looking to try out the service or is still skeptical about diving in for the full services offered by Total Protection.

This package, like others from Identity Guard, includes the 30 day money back guarantee option and also unlimited customer support. This makes Identity Guard Good Start a good option for new users and is hard to go wrong with starting out your identity theft protection services with. To find out how you can become apart of Identity Guard Good Start click here for more information.

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