Identity Theft Shield Review- Identity Theft Protection

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For those not looking for identity theft insurance, but identity theft recovery, Identity Theft Shield is exactly what you need. They provide a solid identity theft recovery support system for those affected by identity theft, but no support to prevent the theft from occurring. This service offers both single bureau credit report monitoring of Experian credit files, but also 3 credit bureau monitoring for Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. There are two different packages available, allowing subscribers to have an option of what they’d like to follow.


Identity Theft Shield provides excellent recovery support for those affected by identity theft. The credit report monitoring has been designed to be a beneficial tool to assist in identity inconsistencies within an individuals credit report, which was caused by identity thieves. Sadly, it does not prevent the theft in any way at this time. There are other programs available that take measures to prevent identity theft crimes, but Identity Theft Shield does not offer such a tool at this time. They are providing excellent services that will assist you in getting back to normal after an identity theft was to occur, at an affordable price to do so.

For those requiring extensive recovery services though, Identity Theft Shield can help do just that. Fraud alerts and notifications are sent for those that are affected by identity theft. They monitor an extensive amount of databases in order to locate the misuse of your identity and personal information. Identity Theft Shield’s recovery services are designed to help reduce the out of pocket expenses an individual may occur in attempt to resolve the theft, and they have the ability to handle a lot of the heavy lifting that sprouts during the recovery of stolen identity.

Key Features of Identity Theft Shield Theft Protection

Identity Theft Shield may not provide actual identity theft protection, but they do offer an extensive amount of quality features and services to all their subscribers. The following are some of the key features of Identity Theft Shield:

  • Credit reporting through Experian
  • Continuous credit monitoring for one or three credit bureaus
  • Identity theft restoration services
  • Access to credit information resources
  • Personal credit score and analysis from Experian
  • $25,000 in fraud restoration reimbursement benefit


The current pricing for Identity Theft Shield is $9.95 per month for Experian credit bureau monitoring or $12.95 per month for 3 credit bureau monitoring. With the 3 credit bureau monitoring, you will receive monitoring for Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.


Even though Identity Theft Shield doesn’t provide identity theft protection, it is a suitable option for those that have been affected by identity theft already and want to monitor their credit reports continuously. Depending on whether you want to monitor just Experian or all three credit bureaus will depend on what plan you should choose. Identity Theft Shield still provides an extensive amount of beneficial features that can assist someone back to normal after identity theft has occurred. For the price of Identity Theft Shield, it is a great option to get through the identity theft recovery stages, that can be quite difficult.