Identity Truth Review: Identity Theft Protection

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Protecting your identity is a huge ability, but it can be hard without the proper tools. Identity Truth is an identity theft protection software that takes all the guess work out of protecting yourself and your identity. They give you access to your credit information while providing you with all the alerts you’d need for suspicious activity that you may have never noticed on your own.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not knowing what’s going on with their name and information. If someone isn’t aware of someone else using their identity, you could find yourself in a very sticky situation that is difficult to get out of. Identity Truth will help you stay in control of your name and identity, without all the frustration and confusion you may have experienced in the past with other identity theft protection services.


Identity Truth has become a highly recommended identity theft protection software over the past few years. They are providing their users with extensive amounts of information, while monitoring their credit and any signs of theft occurring. Just like all other identity theft protection services, they do not guarantee that theft won’t happen to you, but monitor everything to help deter it from happening to you.


If theft was to occur, Identity Truth provides an Identity Theft Victim Support, giving you all the information you need and the help to get through identity theft. Users are not left attempting to solve the complication themselves and have Identity Truth assisting every step of the way. This is beneficial option for everyone to have access too, even if their identity hasn’t been stolen. Always being protected for the worst is the best, it can happen to anyone unexpectedly.

People can now get alerts if anything was to happen, such a breach of information, remove your information from junk mail lists and provide you with an identity health score. You are in the know at all times with whats going on with your identity and if someone has attempted to use it fraudulently.

Key Features of Identity Truth

The following a several of the key features of Identity Truth:

  • Breach alerts
  • Individual identity profiles
  • Advance notice of potential fraud
  • Free fraud alerts
  • Credit monitoring
  • Free credit reports
  • Identity health scoring
  • 24/7 monitoring of suspicious Internet sites
  • Removal from junk mail lists
  • Identity theft victim support


Identity Truth offers a monthly membership for $17.99 per month or a yearly membership for $179.95. Both price options give you full access to all features provided by Identity Truth and registration is quite simple.

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Overall, Identity Truth has proven themselves to be a quality identity theft protection service. They have the ability to help you and provide you with the features and options you’d expect out of an identity theft protection service. Instead of attempting to find out what is going on with your identity and if someone else is using it, Identity Truth can do this for you.

Staying protected is important for everyone. You should know what is going on before it gets out of hand, and Identity Truth will help you do just this. Turn to Identity Truth for your identity theft protection service and take control of your identity, before someone else does.

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