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Kaspersky Lab’s was founded in1997 and ever since has emerged as the world’s largest anti-malware company. Today, there are over 300 million people worldwide being protected online by Kaspersky Lab’s technologies. Each week, there are over 150,000 people joining and using Kaspersky Lab’s. With over 2000 qualified specialists from throughout the world behind Kaspersky Lab, they are able to provide top notch protection to all their users.

Kaspersky Lab’s uses the years of experience and intelligence to improve and grow to provide cutting edge protection from many types of attack’s to your PC. With many years of experience this makes Kaspersky one of the top PC protection companies.


Kaspersky has implemented many changes into their latest version of the Internet Security Suite 2011. While they have improved many of the core features and advanced protection options they have also implemented several new options.


These new features include safe surf, safe desktop, family protection features, online banking mode, and blocks threatening websites based on their country code.

Kaspersky Internet Suite 2011 also works great on net books, infected PC’s and includes a desktop security gadget so you can easily monitor your system. These benefits come from the many years of experience and knowledge of virus protection and a cutting edge database to help always stay on top of threat detections to prevent malicious attacks on your PC.

Key Features of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

  • Real-Time Protection
  • Best In Class – Two-Way Firewall
  • Emerging Threat Detection
  • Application Control
  • Safe Surf
  • Safe Desktop – Open suspicious programs without risk to your PC
  • Online Banking Mode
  • Anti-Spam
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Rootkit Detection
  • Anti-Phishing Defense
  • Advanced Parental Controls Gamer Mode
  • Desktop Security Gadget – Easy-Access to protection status and settings
  • Free Technical Support


Kaspersky list their Internet Security Suite at 79.95 on their site for 3 PC’s protection. While this is a bit higher than others savings and discounts are easily to be found.

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Kaspersky Internet Security Suite is an extremely powerful software for internet security. The system allows you to configure very easily to suit your needs. While we find this to be a great suite and highly recommend it we did find a few issues when trying to install the software.

Also we have found that there is a limited compatibility with browser’s however this will probably not effect the average user. We also found that the scans were short on details with what they found on the PC. Lastly we found that there were some settings that were difficult to find such as the shared printer settings.

The firewall must be changed to private settings instead of pubic. This was a downfall to the software as this would most likely be very frustrating to many user’s.These few dislikes still did not stop us from giving this internet security suite a great rating due to Kaspersky’s history and knowledge with security protection.

The security database is very complex and they seem to block just about everything that comes your way. Overall this is a great Internet Suite and we recommend this to user’s looking for a great overall security suite.

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