Norton Online Backup Review: Online Backup

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Norton Online Backup is one of the newest online storage services created. The service does perform quite well for being new to the industry, but it is lacking on flexibility compared to other online backup software services offered. The features though make up for the lacking storage flexibility, especially the file sharing option.

It is easy to use, but has sub-optimal customer support making them slightly lower in the rankings when compared to other online backup options.


Norton has provided a good set of features that matches up to the competition quite well. There are many features included with Norton Online Backup that has allowed it to become one of the top ranking online backup software options available.


With the recent addition of archiving which automatically stores old versions of files just in case users require to restore their system from an earlier date, it has made Norton a good option for many.

Norton is of course known for their astounding computer security software, and they’ve of course taken this into consideration when developing their online backup software. Their connections and data storage procedures are beyond secure with 128-bit SSL connection utilized for data transfers and also 256-bit AES encryption for data already being stored within their servers or “at rest”. This means you can be rest assured your personal information and data is very secure when utilizing Norton Online Backup.

Key Features of Norton Online Backup

The following are some of the features offered by Norton Online Backup:

  • Windows 7 support
  • Cross platform support
  • Files and folder search
  • Advanced purge
  • File version restore
  • Backup open files
  • Email a restore set
  • Progress updates
  • Automatic backup
  • Data encryption
  • Incremental backups
  • Multiple computer backup
  • Remote management and access
  • Manage offsite storage
  • Protection for up to 5 home PCs


Currently users can purchase Norton Online Backup for the price of $49.99 a year. They do not currently offer flexible plans or monthly plans, but we are hoping to see this in the near future. With this one year service plan, users have the ability to utilize Norton Online Backup on up to 5 home computers, storing up to 25GB of data.

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Norton Online Backup does have its benefits and its downfalls just like any other online backup software. Their only major downfall is the actual pricing option itself. Beyond this, it is an all around amazing option. Users have access to some of the top features available, plus the protection anyone would want when it comes to storing their computers online. If you want to go the secure route when it comes to online storage, then Norton Online Backup is perfect for you!

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