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It is time to monitor and control your child’s online activity without ever having to touch their computer again. McGruff SafeGuard allows parents to record and analyze everything their child does online, remotely. You can finally protect your children from cyber-bullying, inappropriate content, friending and chatting with strangers, prevent disclosing personal data and it will even warn you about any dangerous behavior that is occurring.

Protecting your children has never been so easy. McGruff SafeGuard has taken the time to pull out all the bells and whistles to protect your children fully while they are navigating online. Oprah featured McGruff SafeGuard for a reason and labeled it as the “Favorite Child-Protection Software” for a reason. It does everything it says it will, with a few extras you wouldn’t expect.


McGruff SafeGuard has proven themselves to be one of the top parental control software options available online. They take the time to ensure that you’ve got your children protected throughout the setup process, and keep you informed with everything your children are doing online.


If you require protecting more then one computer, you can do easily with their multi-computer options. Keeping everyone in your family safe online is important, and McGruff SafeGuard does exactly this. Warnings come to your email if there is any dangerous behavior occurring so you can prevent your child from experiencing something they should not online.

Key Features of McGruff SafeGuard

The following are some of the features offered by McGruff Safeguard:

  • Advanced monitoring
  • Predator alerts
  • Custom alerts
  • Search activity (keyword, date, buddy names)
  • Translate “kidspeak” abbreviations and acronyms
  • Choose your level of monitoring preferences
  • Installation once, monitor remotely
  • Never have to access your child’s PC to see what they’ve done
  • Block specific people from speaking to children
  • Connect with other parents worldwide utilizing McGruff SafeGuard
  • Daily activity reports
  • Automatic danger alerts via email


There are several options available for parents wanting to purchase McGruff SafeGuard. Pricing for one PC in your home is, 3 month subscription for $19.99, 6 month subscription for $29.99 or a Lifetime subscription for $119.00. Pricing for up to six PCs in your home is, 3 month subscription for $29.99, 6 month subscription for $49.99 or a Lifetime subscription for $199.00. These are reasonable prices for what you are getting with McGruff SafeGuard.

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McGruff SafeGuard surely does make knowing what your children are doing online easy. Being able to see what your children are doing online without having to touch their computer is a huge benefit. You don’t have to attempt explaining yourself ever again and see what’s going on from a distance.

Worried your child is talking to people they shouldn’t be? Put a stop to it easily with their amazing features they’ve offered to you. Each and everyday you will receive a daily activity report and know whats gone on all day online in your home. Monitor your children easily now with McGruff SafeGuard!

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