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At first glance, SafeEyes seems like a great option for those wanting a quality parental control monitoring system. With the recent upgrade to SafeEyes 6.0 they have made many improvements that has allowed them to become a competitor with the top dogs in parental control monitoring.They’ve improved their user interface to be much more user friendly, but there are still quite a few downfalls that we feel make this a parental control monitoring system that still needs a lot of work.

For the parents, you are going to find that some things you’d expect blocked are not. For the best protection level, you will want to utilize the custom setting so that you can block everything you want blocked. We felt that the pre-set settings did not cover everything that should have been, so to be safe utilizing the custom setting is best.


Even though there are some downfalls to SafeEyes, there are benefits as well. Parents have the ability to set time limits for their users. You can control how long people are online, preventing children from being on for hours on end.


Parents even have the ability to put blocks up on social networking sites and monitor what is going on while being used. This may take some time to figure out if you’ve never used a parental control monitoring system, so ensure to read the instructions.

For those in need of assistance via the customer support, we discovered it is not hard for someone to call in, verify the account and get the password. If your child is smart enough, and knows how to verify your account they could easily do this if they really wanted too. Customer support is very helpful, but getting information out of them isn’t the hardest.

Key Features of SafeEyes

The following are some of the features offered by SafeEyes:

  • Web blocking
  • Instant messaging monitoring/blocking
  • Time limits
  • Email blocking
  • Social networking monitoring/blocking
  • Program blocking
  • Usage reporting
  • Instant alerts
  • Activity reports (daily/weekly)
  • Multi-level blocking


For only $49.95 per year, you can protect up to three different computers with SafeEyes.

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Overall, we were quite disappointed with SafeEyes. They can be a good system with a few more changes and upgrades, but currently with the need to have everything customized it can be frustrating. The system doesn’t block things we’d expect without some heavy duty setup. Some terms are blocked that could not be, while others that should be are not.
Want to see things happening while they are? You can’t with SafeEyes. It only offers daily or weekly reports, but no real time reports. You won’t know what’s been going on until afterwards, meaning your child could see things they shouldn’t and you can’t prevent it until they’ve done it. Huge downfall and something that would deter us from SafeEyes.

If you are looking for a parental control system that is basic, then SafeEyes could work for you. If you are looking for a parental control system that does everything, then consider going with WebWatcher or NetNanny, two systems that do just about everything a parent could dream of.

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