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When it comes to children and computers, they’ve guaranteed learned more about this technology then their parents, and WebWatcher has taken this into account. WebWatcher is one of the most powerful computer monitoring software options available online. It not only protects your child and monitors what they are doing, but they don’t even know you are doing it.

As the parent it is not only your responsibility to monitor and protect your children online, but it is your right. Parents need to keep their children protected online and WebWatcher is guaranteed capable of helping you.


WebWatcher is one of the top parental control monitoring systems for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons people turn to WebWatcher is their invisibility feature. Children don’t even know they are being monitored, making them not even look to turn the monitoring off. With children being very computer savvy, this is a major benefit for those parents that are not.

Another benefit of WebWatcher is how easy it is to use. Navigating through everything is as easy as a few clicks. You can see everything going on, whether it is going on now or later. Everything is monitored in real time, so you can catch them in the act.

Want to prevent your children from accessing certain things? You can with WebWatcher. It not only monitors, but lets you stay in complete control with what they are accessing at the same time. Anything you feel they shouldn’t see, you can put a stop to it. WebWatcher does it all!

Key Features of WebWatcher

The following are some of the features offered by WebWatcher:

  • Monitor children in real time, anywhere
  • Block any webpage based on content or web address
  • Read instant messages (IM/chat)
  • Read incoming/outgoing email
  • Log every keystroke
  • Take screenshots
  • Record online/offline activity
  • Sift through data with unique keyword system
  • Easy to use interface
  • Completely invisible


For only $97.00 you can instantly have access to WebWatcher parental control monitoring software. All it takes is 2-3 minutes for installation and it will begin running. Users can decide to set up the monitoring now or do it later. WebWatcher has default monitoring settings activated right on install so if you don’t have the time right then and there, you can do it later remotely or at the computer you’ve installed it on.

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In summary, WebWatcher is one of the best child monitoring systems around. It not only is easy to use, but does just about everything a parent could dream of. Having the ability to control everything your family does online and seeing everything they do online is a huge benefit for any busy parent. You no longer have to hover over your child’s shoulder when they are navigating on the computer, you can check it all out later on.

WebWatcher has ensured that their system is easy to use, and invisible to the eyes you don’t want seeing it. Children can’t tell they are being monitored, meaning they can’t attempt to even take off the parental controls that you have running. This means, you can be rest assured you aren’t going to one day log on and discover your monitoring system has disappeared, since they won’t even know it is there.

Keeping your children safe online is now so easy, and WebWatcher has guaranteed to do just that. WebWatcher comes with a 3 day money back guarantee. If it doesn’t do what you want in 3 days, you get your money back, no questions asked.

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