FreedomVoice Review: Virtual Phones


Most virtual phone system companies are targeting the big companies who will use lots of minutes and take advantage of the extra-cost add-ons. FreedomVoice is not doing this, its basic package is squarely focused on small businesses with a maximum of five employees. The month-by-month pricing and low number of included minutes could be just what your home-office or independent venture needs.


Most companies have flashy and at times complicated interfaces and control panel, FreedomVoice is on the other end of the spectrum with its simple interface and menus. This simple and straightforward user interface is a big draw for small businesses that may not have a person dedicated to managing the phone system. Simple and easy-to-learn, the FreedomVoice interface eliminates the initial start-up headaches and questions. The call quality with FreedomVoice meets the standards of its larger competitors.

Key Features

Because FreedomVoice is primarily designed for the small business, there aren’t a lot of extra features with it service, but there are some nice features:

  • Basic Internet fax options
  • Call screening and blocking are included
  • Customizable call forwarding rules
  • Free 15-day trial


FreedomVoice has a basic package on offer at $9.95 a month and 100 minutes without the restrictions of a contract or setup fees. Essentially you are paying month-by-month for your virtual phone system and can cancel the arrangement at your discretion. Call queue and on-hold features are an additional $10 a month. To upgrade to 1,000 minutes and 25 voicemail boxes you will pay $39.95 per month.


For a small business or independent venture that does not have a lot of phone requirements, FreedomVoice is an excellent choice. There is no contract to bind you to the service so the option to upgrade or leave is always an option. The simple interface is a very appealing factor as well.