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Rather than target every type of user out there, Dreamhost has fixed itself squarely within the intermediate-advanced user space. Dreamhost is not a logical choice for beginner or basic users, nor does it want to be.


Like many other companies in the web hosting space, Dreamhost has gone green with the purchase of renewable energy credits and using energy-efficient servers.


Dreamhost doesn’t feature lots of easy-to-use applications and add-ons, rather its selling point is the integrated and cohesive site installation and management environment. All of your design, testing and maintenance is done with the same web interface. For those who require an online site building application, Drupal comes with a steepish learning curve but the plus side are the nice looking themes and configurable options.

Key features of Dreamhost

Dreamhost has gone after the intermediate-advanced market and as such doesn’t offer as many of the standard features as other web hosting services:
Cohesive installation and management environment
Eye-catching and configurable theme options with Drupal
Support wiki and forums
97 day evaluation period


Dreamhost’s pricing reflects its target market with the pricing being a bit higher than the multi-market web hosting companies. For $9.95/month you get free domain privacy and lifetime domain registration. You are limited to only three support calls a month, subsequent calls will cost you $9.95/month.

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For the intermediate-advanced user looking for a no frills web hosting service plan that provides complete control over the look-and-feel of web sites, Dreamhost is an excellent choice.

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