GoDaddy Web Hosting review

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A well-known company thanks to the endorsements of celebrities, GoDaddy offers a dizzying array of web hosting service plan options.


While there is a wide-range of web hosting service plan options with GoDaddy, look closely before you buy. Not every option includes the standards common with most web hosting service plan companies.


The Deluxe plan includes an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor that makes web site design and maintenance doable for any level of user. Unfortunately the Economy plan does not include any site building software but if you’re comfortable building and maintaining your web site, this could be the plan for you.

Key features of GoDaddy

With every plan offered by GoDaddy, there is a wide difference between the options provided:
WYSIWYG editor
Short-term contracts
Royalty-free image gallery
Built-in photo album


With three different service plan levels and each with different contract length options, there is complete range of pricing available. The three month contract plans for each plan level are: Economy plan is $4.92/month, Deluxe plan is $8.87/month and the Premium plan is $12.82/month.

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GoDaddy will attract users based on its brand-awareness and popularity but the bells and whistles stop there. Pay close attention to the features of each plan and don’t choose the cheapest plan you find. This is though a decent choice for the home user who doesn’t require lots of disk space or eCommerce support.

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